Carpet Professor Reveals Insider Secrets to Choosing New Carpet Wisely!

I’m Alan Fletcher, aka The Carpet Professor, a 30+ year carpet expert.

But I don’t sell or install carpet anymore.
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If you are in the market for new carpet or flooring soon, I have some free information for you that will surely help you make wise and informed choices.

As you will soon discover when you begin shopping for new carpet for your home, office or rental, choosing the right carpet can be quite difficult, confusing and complicated, not to mention costly!

Should you choose the wrong type, style or grade of carpet you stand to lose a lot of money and/or end up with a carpet that does not perform nearly as well as you might have hoped.

In some cases, carpet can mat down quickly and look worn out in a short time, often in a year or two.

As a retired carpet expert, trust me when I say that homeowners need to take time to learn about selecting the right grade of carpet. A carpet that is designed to meet their needs and goals.

I created to help educate homeowners how to choose new carpet wisely; how to avoid common retail carpet scams; and how to properly maintain your new carpet.

This a free service I provide with no strings attached. You also have free access to my free carpet shopping forms, coupons and checklists.

Check out my own special handpicked list of locally-owned and reputable Preferred Carpet Dealers near you.

Alan Fletcher aka The Carpet Professor

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30-year carpet expert reveals little-known secrets about choosing new carpet wisely, avoiding common carpet scams and saving the most time and money possible.

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