How to Choose New Carpet Like a Pro!

Carpet Sample Rack
Carpet Sample Rack

Planning to Buy New Carpet Soon?

Learn how to make wise choices and avoid costly mistakes!

There are thousands of different carpet styles, colors and patterns to choose from.

To Choose New Carpet Like a Pro you just need to make sure you select a carpet that is durable enough to meet all your needs and goals.

What Do You Want to Learn About Today?

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  14. Buy New Carpet Wholesale?
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  1. Carpet Cost?
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What is Your Level of Foot-Traffic?

How long do you want your new carpet to last? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

Do you have children, teenagers, dogs and cats? Do you entertain often, have lots of visitors, grandchildren?

These are important factors to consider because the Carpet and Padding you choose must be able to tolerate your own unique level of foot-traffic you have in your home or your new carpet will not last as long as you anticipate.

Crowded Livingroom
Does your living room ever look like this?

If you have heavy foot-traffic in your home, then you need to choose a more durable carpet.

For example, if you expect your new Carpet to last at least 10 years, how will you feel when it actually wears out in less than 5 years?

This is what can happen if you choose a grade of carpet that is not capable of tolerating your level of foot-traffic.

How to Determine Your Level Of Foot-Traffic?

The last thing you want is to buy new carpet that mats down quickly, wears out and looks ugly fast. It’s the #1 problem homeowners face today.

To avoid making this costly carpet buying mistake, start by taking my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test.

It will help you determine what grade of carpet you need to buy, based on your own unique needs, goals and lifestyle.

  1. Take your time when shopping for new carpet! Learn how to make wise and informed choices! Visit my Sitemap to view all my free carpet articles.
  2. Take my powerful Carpet Foot-Traffic Test. Learn which Grade of Carpet is right for you.
  3. Take my free Carpet Shopping Form with you while you shop. This form will help you narrow-down your final selections.
  4. Print out all my free forms, charts, guides and coupons here.

Can you help me find recommended Carpet Stores Near Me? Check out my special handpicked list of locally-owned and recommended carpet retailers.

Learn more: Best & Worst Places to Buy New Carpet

Should I Buy Carpet from Home Depot, Costco, Empire Today or Lowe’s?

Don’t Fall For those Misleading TV commercials offering new carpet and installation at ridiculously low prices! If it sounds too good to be true…

Let me teach you how to quickly spot common retail Carpet Scams and how to make wise and informed Carpet Choices you will be happy with for years to come! Big Box Carpet Installation Specials Exposed

Choose the Right Carpet Fiber

Frieze Carpet
Nylon is the most durable synthetic fiber available today.

Beware of Carpet Retailers or Salespeople who recommend you buy carpet made from Polyester or P.E.T. Polyester and say it is “just as durable” as a carpet made from Nylon. Polyester is not as durable as nylon. Learn more about choosing Carpet Fibers

Carpet Professor Cap

The Carpet Professor Says…

“It’s your responsibility to choose new carpet and padding wisely. You should never rely solely on any one salesperson to make all your carpet and padding choices for you. 

If your new carpet does not perform as expected, you cannot go back and blame the salesperson for giving you bad or wrong advice. 

To Choose New Carpet Like a Pro! You must make your own carpet and padding choices, based on your own unique needs, goals and lifestyle, and budget.”

Learn more: Carpet Specifications Explained

What Carpet Salespeople Say

Carpet Salesperson
Carpet Salesperson

Many carpet salespeople lack sufficient “hands-on” carpet experience and/or don’t have enough product knowledge to know what grade of carpet is able to meet YOUR needs, goals and lifestyle.

You need to do your own research and NOT rely on any one salesperson to make you carpet and padding choices for you!

Unfortunately there are also plenty of unscrupulous carpet salespeople who are hoping to overcharge you by using sneaky sales tactics, deceptive advertising gimmicks, bait & switch tricks and literally dozens of other common retail carpet scams!

Read more: How to Avoid Costly Carpet Buying Mistakes

Not quite sure if the salesperson’s estimate, bid or measurements are accurate or correct? Learn How to Measure for Carpet Yourself!

Carpet Measuring Scams

Unscrupulous carpet salespeople may also intentionally over-measure your home just to increase their profits. A sly salesperson can easily cheat you out of your hard earned money using any number of different carpet measuring scams.

Where NOT to Shop for New Carpet

Carpet Quality vs. Carpet Longevity

Some Carpets are only designed to last for just a couple years before they start to wear out… but some carpets are made so well, they can easily last 20 years or more! What is the difference you ask?

Why do some Carpets last longer than others? It all depends on the materials they use to manufacture the carpet! Most important is choosing the right carpet fiber for your needs and goals!

The Carpet Professor Says…   

There are Five (5) “Key Carpet Specifications” you need to consider carefully.

Fiber Type – Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, Sorona, P.E.T, and Wool are most common.

Pile Height – Measure of the pile height from the backing, usually ranging 1/4″ to over an inch

Tuft Twist – These are strands of Fiber grouped together and twisted while heated to form a tuft.  The number of twists per “lineal inch” is the Tuft Twist Rating.

Face-Weight – This is the weight of the surface fiber, which is also called the “Pile”. It does not include the weight of the backing.

Pile Density – This is a number ranging from 1000 to 6000 to define how dense the carpet pile is; a mathematical formula based on the pile height and face-weight.

Learn More: Carpet Manufacturing Specifications Explained

Carpet Padding Specifications

Rebond Carpet Padding
Rebond Carpet Padding

It’s very important for you to choose the correct carpet padding for your home. Don’t allow the salesperson to make the choice for you. Do your carpet padding homework if you want to save the most money possible and get the correct padding for the carpet you have selected.

Every carpet manufacturer has padding requirements to keep your warranty in-force. You can always call the carpet manufacturer to learn what type of pad you need to use.

If your new carpet is designed to last for 12 years, then your padding must also be able to last 12 years or longer, because padding helps provide durability If your padding fails before your carpet does, your carpet will wear out much faster too.

Some carpet pads offer excellent support for your carpet and are reasonably priced, while others are not so great and are way over-priced.

How to Choose Carpet Pad Like a Pro!

Roll of foam padding

Choosing the right pad is easy once you know exactly what carpet you are going to buy. All you have to do is call the manufacturer and ask them what are the minimum padding requirements for the carpet in question.

The padding type, thickness and density rating must match the grade and style  of carpet you select. For example, if your carpet is designed to last for ten years, then your pad must also be designed to last for ten years.

Beware of Unnecessary Padding Upgrades

It’s real easy to pay too much for pad if you follow the advice of a hungry carpet salesperson. The manufacturers brochure makes it sound like these special pads will solve all your problems or protect you from future problems.

You don’t need to buy a special padding.

Don’t be swayed by a carpet salesperson who says you need to spend more for a pad that has a moisture barrier.

You also don’t need the pad that has baking soda infused to help eliminate pet odors.

They even offer a special pad that will increase the length of your new carpet warranty. You don’t need that pad either.

These special pads will certainly cost you more but they provide little to no measurable benefits to you. Frankly, I believe they are a total waste of your money.

Choose New Carpet Like a Pro? Read more about Choosing the Right Carpet Pad and about Carpet Padding Specifications.


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