New Carpet Cost and Prices 2022

How Much Should I Spend on New Carpet?

Our current inflation and supply chain issues will last deep into 2022. You can expect carpet and padding prices to increase significantly in the coming months. The sooner you place your carpet or flooring order the more money you stand to save.

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How Much Can You Save On New Carpet?

You want to spend just enough to buy a carpet that will meet your needs, goals and lifestyle. In a perfect world, the more you spend on new carpet, the higher the grade of carpet you will get and the more durable it will be. It usually works out that way, but one thing is for sure…

If you spend too-little on new carpet, the quality you end up with will be too low and it will not meet your needs and goals. Take my free carpet foot traffic test to see what grade of carpet can tolerate your unique application.

The information shown below reflects how much a residential Nylon Carpet might cost based on two KEY factors:

    1. The level of foot-traffic you have in your home.
    2. How long you expect your carpet to last. (years)

Typical Nylon Carpet Prices 2022

(Does not including padding & installation costs)

Approximate Cost for 100 square yards of Nylon Carpet (900 sf) and what you might have to pay for a carpet of sufficient quality based upon these TWO FACTORS:

  1. Your Level of Foot-Traffic
  1. How many YEARS you want your Carpet to Last 

Carpet Prices Are Increasing Now. These are Minimum Prices for new nylon carpet only. Add an additional 20% for nylon carpet ordered in 2022 due to our current economy, inflation and supply chain issues.

New Carpet Cost and Prices? Obviously, spending just $15 per yard on new carpet won’t buy you top quality carpet.

However, if you have low foot traffic, you still can enjoy many years of use from an inexpensive nylon carpet, providing you take proper care of it.

On the other hand, if you buy a high quality nylon carpet and don’t take proper care of it, it will certainly wear out much faster than you expect.

Carpet Cost Chart

Carpet Prices Are Increasing Now. These are Minimum Prices for new nylon carpet only. Add an additional 20% for nylon carpet ordered in 2022 due to our current economy, inflation and supply chain issues.

Learn more about choosing the Right Carpet Padding

Proper carpet care and maintenance can greatly help extend your carpet’s lifespan.

Visit my free Carpet Care Guide to learn how to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible.

Higher Cost For New Carpet and Pad

Most homeowners experience some degree of “sticker shock” when they discover how much new carpet is going to cost. You can be sure that carpet and padding prices are on the rise.

You might need to save up more money before you purchase new carpet or perhaps you might consider completing your new carpet project in two or more stages.

However, you should never settle for a lesser-grade of carpet that cannot handle your level of foot traffic for the number of years you expect! You would be unhappy with your result.

Learn more about Carpet Installation Cost

Typical Carpet Cost Breakdown

If you don’t plan on being in your home forever you might not want to spend a fortune buying the highest quality carpet right now.

Most folks plan on having their carpet last for about 7 to 12 years. After that, many plan on moving or changing the carpet for something new, fresh or a different color or style.

If you have active children or teens or have pets that have frequent wet accidents then this must be taken into consideration.

New Carpet Cost and Prices 2021

Medium-Quality Residential Carpet

Typical Carpet Cost: From $35 to $55 per yard

  • Carpet Face Weight: 32 to 45 ounce
  • Carpet Fiber: 100% Nylon, Sorona PTT, Smartstrand
  • Common Styles: Plush, textured plush, sculptured, Berber, Cut Pile, Saxony
  • Typical Lifespan: 7 to 15 years
Padding Options
  • Cost: From $3.50 – $6.50 per square yard.
  • Pad Type: Rebond, synthetic fiber, wool, rubber
  • Pad Thickness: 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″.
  • Pad Density: 6 to 8 pound density
  • Typical Lifespan: 7 to 15 years

High-Quality Residential Carpet

Typical Carpet Cost: From $55 to $80 per yard

  • Carpet Face Weight: 40 to 60 ounce
  • Carpet Fibers: 100% Nylon, Nylon BCF, Sorona, Triexta, Smartstrand, Tigressa Nylon, Bliss Nylon
  • Common Styles: Plush, Textured Plush, Sculptured, Frieze, Cut Pile, Saxony, Cut & Loop, Berber
  • Typical Lifespan: 12 to 20+ years
Padding Options
  • Cost: From $5.50 – $8.50 per square yard.
  • Pad Type: Rebond, synthetic fiber, rubber, wool, felt
  • Pad Thickness: 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″
  • Pad Density: 8 to 10-pound density
  • Typical Lifespan: 12 to 20 years

Best Carpet For Kids and Pets

Kids and pets can be very hard on any grade of carpet.

When our four children were young, they spilled lots of things on the family room carpet and it was very difficult to manage.

To combat this common parenting problem, I replaced the family room carpet every other year.

I purchased an inexpensive apartment-grade carpet to keep the costs down and installed a good-quality 8-pound Rebond padding so I didn’t have to replace the pad every time I replaced the carpet.

This saved us a ton of money over the years and we didn’t have to worry about the kids or pets ruining an expensive carpet.

In our master bedroom we installed a better grade of carpet because we didn’t allow the kids or pets to be in our bedroom unsupervised or while carrying food or drinks (No Sippy cups!)

Best Carpet Fibers For Kids Bedrooms?

Kids bedrooms tend do best with a low-cost polyester (or P.E.T. Polyester) carpet with a pile-height of half an inch or less.

Polyester is naturally stain resistant and cleans rather easily for most common food stains.

Unfortunately Polyester is prone to matting and crushing of the pile so the lower the pile-height the better.

You could go with a nylon carpet if you want more durability, but inexpensive nylon carpets do not resist stains or clean quite as easily as does a polyester fiber. A Polyester carpet is much softer too.

Best Carpet Padding For Kids Bedrooms?

A thick padding works best for kids rooms, like a 7/16″ or 1/2″ thickness, a 6-pound density Rebond type pad is most economical This keeps the cost down and it will help the carpet survive under demanding situations.

How Much Does New Carpet Cost? There is no need to spend a lot of money on carpet kids bedrooms, and you don’t need to choose expensive padding unless you plan on reusing it again when the kids get older.

You can spend less than $18 per yard total for carpet, padding and installation if you buy from a local carpet store that carries rolls of in-stock carpet. See which carpet stores I recommend near you.

Best Carpet Styles and Colors For Kids Bedrooms?

Earth-toned or multi-colored Plush or Textured Plush styles are most commonly used in kids bedrooms. A Cut-Berber style would be a good choice too because there are no loops to snag. Looped Berbers are not recommended because of the snag factor. Frieze styles are not commonly used in kids rooms due to higher cost.

Plush styles vacuum and clean easily and hide dirt and stains well. Darker colors or a multi-colored carpets will yield the best results and help hide spots and stains. Avoid choosing lighter colors and single-colored carpets.

The key to having your new carpet last as long as possible is to choose the right grade for your specific application and level of foot traffic.

Care and maintain your new carpet according to the Carpet Manufacturer’s Warranty guidelines.

Carpet Dealer DirectoryIt’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Are there any Recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?

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