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How To Buy Carpet Like a Pro!

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Not All Carpet Sellers Are Honest and Reputable.

It’s hard to tell which retail Carpet Stores should be avoided. It’s easy to be lured in by TV advertising sales gimmicks like Free Carpet Installation or Three rooms of carpet for the price of one!

You surely don’t want to buy new Carpet from any Carpet retailer who is trying to trick you with sensational advertising sales gimmicks like these. Learn more about common Retail Carpet Sales Scams and Rip-offs.

I never recommend shopping for carpet at…

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco or Empire, as they all fail to meet my minimum customer service requirements.

Smart homeowners get at least 3 free estimates

I always suggest getting at least 3 free estimates from local carpet retailers.  Then you can compare products, prices and services to help you determine which Carpet dealer has what it takes to earn your business!

Carpet Dealer DirectoryI have already searched for and located over 400 locally-owned carpet stores that I trust nationwide. Visit My Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory to see the best places to buy carpet and flooring Near You.

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