Free Carpet Shopping Form

Print my free Carpet Shopping Form. It can help you make wise and informed carpet buying choices.

Free Carpet Shopping Form for Homeowners. Make sure know exactly what you are buying and how much it’s going to cost!

You will need to print up several copies and fill out one form for each separate carpet style you want to consider and compare.

How Much Carpet Do You Need?

The only thing you have to figure out for yourself is how much carpet you need to purchase (square feet).

Measuring for carpet can be tricky, so it would be wise to have an expert do the measuring unless you know how to measure for carpet accurately.

Carpet Seam Placement

Where to place the seams is an issue you might need to discuss with the salespeople who come to your home. Any room wider than 12 feet will require a seam, as most carpets are made 12 feet wide.

There may be several seam placement options in your situation. It’s always best to have carpet seams located out of main walkways if possible.

Carpet Measuring Strategies

Experts at measuring may be able to use excess carpet from one room to fill a gap in another room,  potentially saving you some serious money. This is the benefit of having a seasoned carpet expert measure your home.

Most carpet salespeople are able to measure accurately, but it’s always a smart idea to get several estimates and compare bids side by side. You don’t want to pay for more material than is necessary!


If you find there is a significant difference in measurements between one estimates, and there is no good reason for it, you may need to get another free estimate from a local carpet store.

Call a Local Carpet Installer

If you are still confused about the amount of material you need, you could hire an independent carpet installer to measure up your home for you. This could allow you to determine who has the most accurate measurements.

The small fee ($75 to $125?) they charge might be well worth the cost if they find a sizeable discrepancy in the estimates you have received. Ask them to provide you with a simple diagram of all the seam locations and total amount of material needed to complete the job.


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Free Carpet Shooping Form







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