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Carpet Defects Complaints and Bad Carpet Install

Carpet Defects, Complaints and Bad Carpet Installations? Here are some emails from homeowners with Carpet and Padding complaints and Carpet Installation problems. These homeowners bought new Carpet and ended up unhappy for various reasons. 

Carpet Sample Display at Lowe's similar to Home Depot Carpet Samples.

Carpet Sample Rack

In most of these cases, there was no warranty coverage for their complaints and no recourse. This is why it is important to learn how to choose new carpet wisely and buy from a reputable carpet dealer. Where to buy new carpet? See who I recommend near you!

Carpet Complaints and Carpet Installation Problems are Common!

Note: Many of these Carpet problems could have been avoided had the homeowners done their “Carpet Homework” before they purchased new carpet. Visit my Table of Contents to see all my free carpet articles.

Defective Carpet

  • I have had my carpet for 11 months. After 3 or 4 months I noticed different shades in the carpet. I bought the best carpet. I put in a complaint 4 months ago. The warranty means nothing. In the living room half is one shade and the other half darker. I have big dark spots other places and in the bedroom circles of very light color. It looks like some one spilled something and tried to clean it.

Polyester Carpet

  • At first our new carpet was beautiful, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t like to walk on it barefoot.  Also, it seemed to mat down very quickly.  We have high traffic areas and steps since our home is a split-level and the carpet really started looking “old” and “worn” within the first 6 months.  In a nutshell – I HATE this carpet! Carpet Fiber Choice vs Durability

Olefin Berber Carpet

Looped Berber Style

  • I had a looped Berber carpet installed just a couple of  years ago and already it looks dingy in the high traffic areas. I had it cleaned by Coit for the first time and now it seems to be worse not better. Is there anything I can do to make it look better?  I know that the carpet isn’t that worn as there are only 2 adults here and we work 5 days a week so not much wear but on weekends and evenings, and most of the time shoe-less. Is Berber Carpet a Good Choice?

Bad Carpet Install / Low Quality Carpet

  • Hi Alan, I hope you can help me out before I’m stuck with my builder trying to tell me my carpet is supposed to look the way it does. We are having a new home built after being in a hurricane. They laid the new carpet in three bedrooms. They all have ripples in them and one room has the worst ripples. Could you please tell me why that is so I don’t look stupid when I argue the point with the builder? We are closing in a couple of weeks. Carpet Fiber Choice vs Durability

Staple Fiber, Not a Continuous Filament

  • I recently had new carpeting installed. It is suppose to be nylon. The issue I have is every time I vacuum it I wind up with a ton of what I call carpet fluff in the vacuum. Is this typical? Or is this just cheap carpeting. Why Do Some Carpets Shed and Fuzz?

Bad Carpet Installation / Olefin Carpet

Berber Carpet Stain, Spot that doesn't come out.

  • The carpet we have was not installed correctly and we have rolls (wrinkles) and highly visible seams.  The carpet has been professionally cleaned, but the tech said that he was not able to remove the stains because the carpet was so badly rolling and loose.  It looked like he did a good job at first, but the stains reappeared after a short time. Carpet Fiber Choice vs Durability

Staple Fiber, Not a Continuous Filament

  • We have just moved into a new construction that has Mohawk Somerset installed. It’s been 45 days of hell. The rug sheds continuously. We have contacted the Mohawk rep and he said that this might continue for up to a year. Meanwhile we are sneezing, itching and inhaling these fibers into our system. We are very dissatisfied with this carpet and it is throughout our house. We have a two year old son who is always playing on the floor. It is causing some real problems for us. We have spoken with our neighbors who have the same carpet and they said the same thing. Why Do Some Carpets Shed and Fuzz?

Low Quality Carpet

  • I just had carpet installed a week ago. It is a textured cut pile manufactured from Camelot Carpet Mills.  I kept several extra pieces. One of the pieces had some water spilled on it and I noticed after an hour or so later that the primary and secondary backing had separated.  What does this mean? Carpet Specifications Explained

Improper Carpet Installation

Carpet Wrinkle

  • We purchased a Mohawk “soft back” carpet and within a year experienced tremendous rippling.  We had it re-stretched and a year later the rippling is back worse than ever. The manufacturer claims the installation is to blame rather than the carpet. Top 10 Causes for Carpet Wrinkles

Wrong Carpet Padding / Poor Carpet Installation

  • We have a new two year old home and we thought we got good carpeting and most of all a good depth of padding. They put in Stainmaster Carpet.  We have begun to have ‘ripples’ in the carpeting!  What in the world causes this? We are just two senior citizens living here and don’t have much company at all.  Where we first began to notice the ripples is in a room which is hardly used – other than to walk through, clean and sit to read a newspaper. Top 10 Causes for Carpet Wrinkles

Carpet Manufacturing Variance

  • I purchased a plush carpet for a living room, dining room, stairs and a hallway. My concern is the sample I based my decision on is different than the laid carpet. The laid carpet feels softer than the sample but it seems to show more foot traffic.

Polyester Carpet

  • Our home is 2 years old and is a spec house in which the builder used all cheap flooring, appliances, fixtures etc.  Most of our house has plush carpet that is stained, worn down and worn out. Carpet Fiber Choice vs Durability

Carpet Shading – Construction Defect

  • I recently had Mohawk carpet installed in my home.  This is the problem.  The insert piece in the living room and bedroom is a darker color than the main piece of carpet in each room which causes a stripe to appear down one side of each room.  I’m perplexed because I had this exact same carpet installed in my previous home with no problems.

Carpet Construction Defect

  • We recently had some carpet installed and the carpet seems to have several “lines” developing across the pattern. The installer and manufacturer and an “independent” analyst have all insisted this is a normal “defect” in the carpet. Is this normal? The lines look like someone took a child’s wagon and wheeled it up and down the hallway.

Common Trait of Commercial Carpets. Not a Defect.

  • I recently had an expensive, high quality synthetic carpet over a jute and hair mat installed in my bedroom by a large company that specializes in carpets and caters only to designers. Now, when I walk across the room, the rug “crunches” ((has a squeaking sound) The carpet on the stairs was installed by a second person, and does not have the crunching sound. What is the problem? (carpet too loose???) and how can it be corrected?

Chose The Wrong Carpet Padding

Prime Urethane Foam Pad

  • I just recently had brand new carpet installed and it is literally acting funny. When you walk on it it has a strange crunchy/squeaky feel to it under your feet. It is everywhere you walk and every one feels it. Any ideas what this is? Choosing The Right Carpet Padding

Carpet Defect / Low Quality

  • We had Mohawk Horizon carpet installed in our basement.  It has been stretched 2 times (including the initial installation).  One section in the middle of the basement is rippling again.  Could this be installation, carpet or some other issue?  The basement is dry, so it is not moisture.

Carpet Defect

  • I had Beaulieu Hollytex carpets installed and there was a problem with a side match.  They replaced it and still there was a problem with it.  The next time we changed the color and the pieces matched, but now we have a line like a cut down the middle. I blame the manufacturer or mill for not inspecting it better.

Defective Carpet

  • I have a dilemma with our master bedroom wool carpet from Glen Eden Mills. Shortly after having the carpet installed, I noticed a sort of shading appear just inside the bedroom doorway. After vacuuming and getting on my hands and knees to see what could be wrong. The fibers were going in different directions making a sort of water line well into the room.  After many calls and letters to Glen Eden, we received several articles on water marking or pooling from the manufacturer. None of us wanted to accept this bogus explanation, so I wrote a letter myself and asked that an independent carpet inspector come out and take a look.  They finally sent an inspector out and he agreed that the excuse seemed bogus, but that he had to report what he saw and that it was ” water marking”. Glen Eden chose not to do anything for us. We had the carpet less than 9 months when I started the investigation and we spent $4000.00 on one room of carpet!  (Not a huge room either.)  I then wrote another letter, this time to the president of Glen Eden, hoping to appeal to his caring side.  We have heard nothing in response and I imagine we never will.  It has been at least four months since I wrote. What do you know about water marking and is there anything else you can think of for me to do?

Carpet Construction and Manufacturing Variances

  • We have already purchased and installed an Evans Black, Carpet One carpet.  My husband and I don’t feel like it is the same one we chose – which I know now is a common scam.

Carpet Defect

  • We just had Nylon repeat-pattern carpet put in our family room. When you enter the room on the left as you view within 4 feet you see what I would think the carpet should look like but as your eyes move to the right it looks like someone has scattered sand across the carpet. It is something to do with the nap but I hate it. If you move to the right and look back then the pattern appears. Help ME!

Wrong Padding Choice

  • We are in the process of building a new home, and an option we chose was “Glacier Spill-Proof Carpet Padding”. Now that the carpet is in, when you walk around the house, it sounds like your walking on trash bags. Originally, I was told it was a defect in the padding where it was bunching up. They supposedly replaced the padding. Still does it. They have now supposedly “upgraded” it to the “BMW of spill-proof carpet pads”. Still does it. Now I am being told that again supposedly a rep from the factory came out, and deemed it a “characteristic” of the carpet pad due to the spill proof layer on top. Choosing The Right Carpet Padding

Chose Wrong Carpet Style / Olefin Berber Carpet

  • We purchased a soft Berber for our basement.  It is the newest Mohawk Smartstrand carpet. 3 days after it was installed, we noticed there was already a loop pulled.  Looks like 3 loops or more have already pulled up.   We also found 3-4 areas where the loop looks to be separated/broken on the top.  And, we found at least 2 areas where the top of a loop is separated but it appears almost to be tied.  So, at the top the loop is separated but something has it together at the very top, and then the two frayed ends are sticking out from there.
Looped Berber Pulls that are hard to repair.

Active kids and pets are often the cause of snags to Looped Berber Styles.

  • My dealer came out and said the pulled area must have been from something catching on it, perhaps our dog, child or a box, or almost anything.  Nothing they could do about that but repair it.  The other areas where the loop is separated, he said well, that can happen.  As for the loops that look tied, he said he has never seen that before. My question is:  did we just pick the wrong carpet for our basement???  Does three days to 1 week sound unreasonable to be having so many problems already?  And, what might our recourse be? Is Berber Carpet a Good Choice?

Bad Carpet Install / Improper Carpet Installation

  • We’ve lived in this rental home for 4 years, our carpet started wrinkling about a year after we moved in- the wrinkles were in carpet before I got it professionally cleaned. The carpet cleaner said the carpet was not installed properly. The property owner is saying the carpet cleaner ruined it, although wrinkles were there already.  I’ve spoken to others and were told that carpet was not stretched properly at installation and needs to be re-stretched.  Top 10 Causes for Carpet Wrinkles


Have Carpet Defects complaints and Bad Carpet Installations? This is why it is important to learn how to choose new carpet wisely and buy from a reputable carpet dealer. Where to buy new carpet? See who I recommend near you!


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Shag Carpet Style

Why Do Some Carpets Shed and Fuzz?

Why Do Some Carpets Shed and Fuzz? Got Loose Carpet Fibers? Some carpets shed and fuzz like crazy and unless you like vacuuming up bags of loose carpet fuzz, you need to learn exactly why this happens and how to avoid the Carpet Shedding Nightmare!

Is Your New Carpet Shedding?

If you recently bought new carpet and are experiencing full vacuum bags of carpet fuzz, then for you it is already too late. The shedding will eventually stop, but it could take weeks or even months before it does.

Help! My New Carpet is Going Bald!

I get lots of emails from unhappy homeowners who are surprised to find their carpet seemingly falling apart.

If you have already bought new carpet and your carpet is now shedding and fuzzing like mad, then you probably have no recourse with the carpet dealer or the carpet manufacturer.

Nobody told me there would be days like this!

Your salesperson probably didn’t mention that your new carpet would shed like crazy after it was installed.  You won’t find it mentioned in the carpet sales brochure either.

Somewhere deep in the new carpet warranty, under  limits, defects and exclusions, you will find something mentioned about it.

Basically, they say it is the nature of the product and it is not considered a manufacturing defect. In other words, you have to live with it.

Lots of Full Vacuum Bags!

While you will not enjoy vacuuming up all the loose carpet fibers, it will eventually come to an end.

It could take a few weeks or a few months depending on the carpet you purchased and how often you vacuum.

The good news is, a little shedding will not hurt your carpet and it won’t go completely bald.

Your carpet was designed to shed, or should I say, the manufacturer knows this will happen and figure it into their design.

You, on the other hand, had no idea this would happen and now you are in a panic to find out why it is happening, what you should do next and who’s to blame!

Q. Continuous Filament vs. Staple Fiber?

What is a Continuous Filament? 

Some Carpets are made with a Continuous Filament Fiber. This is basically one long, never-ending strand extruded continuously.

What is a Staple Fiber?

Staple Fibers are short lengths of fiber, of varying lengths, that are spun together to form a longer strand.

The longer the fiber lengths the less the carpet will shed. Strands spun from shorter lengths of fibers will shed more and for a longer period of time.

Is it made from a Continuous filament?

Carpets made from a Continuous Filament will have either “CF”, “BCF”, (Bulked Continuous Filament) or “CFN” (Continuous Filament Nylon) shown on the manufacturers label pasted to the back of the carpet sample.

Having a Carpet made from a Continuous Filament fiber is very desirable mainly because it virtually eliminates the shedding and fuzzing you typically get with carpets made from a Staple Fiber. 

The Dreaded “Staple Fiber”

Carpets made with Staple Fibers use short strands of fiber from 3-10 inches long. These short strands of fiber are twisted together and then spun into longer threads of yarn.

Consumers who buy a carpet made from Staple Fibers are often plagued with a continual need for vacuuming to try to keep up with the seemingly unending amount of shedding and fuzzing that can last up to a year after installation.

This is a nightmare for many homeowners!

Homeowners often report filling up a vacuum bag or canister almost every time they vacuum. This can be very frustrating, and time consuming.

Who wants to vacuum twice a day? Some folks fear their new carpet will end up going completely bald after a few months because of the huge amount of loose fibers they experience!

Pets and small children who are near the carpet surface can inhale or consume loose carpet fuzz and fibers which surely cannot be a healthy thing to do.

All this loose fuzz and can also affect the performance of your vacuum, clog the wheels, beater bar and belt.

Any Quick Fixes or Remedies?

There is no remedy offered by the retailer or the manufacturer that I am aware of. Once you buy it, you own it.

Carpet retailers and carpet salespeople seldom take the time to educate consumers about the differences between a Continuous Filament carpet and a carpet made from Staple Fibers.

They rarely mention the possibility that Staple Fiber carpets will shed and fuzz for months on end, up to a year after installation.

It’s only after the carpet is installed that homeowners discover the shedding and fuzzing nightmare.

When the customer complains again and again after the retailer typically tells the consumer that the shedding / fuzzing will eventually stop and to just be patient.

Maybe vacuuming more often and more thoroughly will make the shedding and fuzzing stop sooner.

Why do they make carpets that shed and fuzz?

Why do they still use Staple Fibers today? Because it allows carpet manufacturers more flexibility when creating new carpet styles. At least that’s what they say.

I think it saves them money to use these shorter lengths of fibers instead of recycling them or throwing them away.

As with any product line, there are many different carpet styles, grades and qualities. Your job is to know exactly what you are buying BEFORE you agree to buy it.

Not all carpet styles made from Staple Fibers continue to shed for months. It depends on the carpet style, how well the carpet is constructed and the length of Staple Fibers used.

The shorter the staple fiber lengths used, the more prone it will be to shedding and fuzzing.

Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way for you to determine in advance how much a particular carpet style will shed and fuzz.

“The only way for you to avoid the nightmare of Carpet Shedding & Fuzzing is to choose a Carpet made from a Continuous Filament.”

Beware of Sneaky Carpet Labeling Tricks!

Be very careful what you read on the manufacturers carpet sample label.

Carpet samples will NOT be marked  “Staple Fiber”, they will ONLY be marked as a Continuous Filament fiber (CF, BCF, or CFN) to prove it is made from a Continuous Filament fiber.

For example, if the manufacturers label says “Fiber: 100% Nylon” Then you should assume it is NOT a Continuous Filament Fiber. If the label says Fiber: 100% Nylon BCF, then it is a continuous filament.

Insider Trick:

Want to make sure the carpet sample in question is not made from a Staple Fiber? Run your hand vigorously back and forth across the surface pile of the carpet sample in question for about 10 seconds. Do you see a bunch of fuzz or loose fibers? If so, then it is likely not made from a Continuous Filament Fiber. Learn more about Carpet Fibers

CF = continuous filament

BCF = bulked continuous filament

CFN = continuous filament nylon


How To Care For Your Carpet

It’s a well-known fact! How well you care for your carpet will help determine how long your new carpet will last.

You’ll be amazed at what Carpet Manufacturers say you must do to keep your new Carpet Warranty in force.

Check out these important pages to learn more about how to properly care for your new carpet, and what you need to do to be wise and informed about proper Carpet Care and Maintenance.

AbcCarpetPro.com Carpet ProfessorWhere to buy new carpet?  See who I recommend near you!